Buy Pre-Packaged Food Storage

Portland Home Storage Center rice casesYou can purchase pre-packaged long-term food storage cases from the LDS Distribution Center,  it is found under Home and Family and Self-reliance on their website, or buy them at the  LDS Home Storage Center near you, visit the center during hours of operation. Check the Distribution Center website for prices. Shipping is $3 for everything you order. These products cannot be shipped outside the United States.

List of products available

  • Case of (6) #10 cans of quick oats (14.04 lbs. total net weight)
  • Case of (6) #10 regular oats (16.08 lbs. total net weight)
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of granulated sugar. A case contains 34.8 lbs. of product
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of cans of white flour. A case contains 24 lbs. of product.
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of hard red winter wheat (33lbs. total net weight)
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of white wheat. A case contains 33 lbs. of product.
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of white rice (32.4 lbs. total net weight)
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of pinto beans (31.2 lbs. total net weight)
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of spaghetti bites, pieces approximately 1 inch long. A case contains 18 lbs. of product.
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of macaroni. A case contains 21 lbs of product.
  • Case of (6) #10 cans of potato flakes. A case contains 10.8 lbs. of product.
  • Case of (6) #10 can of apple slices. A case contains 6 lbs. of product.

Food lasting 30 years or more, click here to view the list


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11 responses to “Buy Pre-Packaged Food Storage

  1. Shayla Ross


    I live in Portland, Oregon and am looking to pay someone that can help me set up my food storage. I need help with food and supplies.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Brian Pfaff


    1) I don’t belong to the LDS church. Can I still buy the products and use the services of the local Home Storage Center?
    2) What is the address of the Portland Home Storage Center?

    Thank you,

  3. Hi, i am interested in buying some cans of wheat in the near future. your time for nonmember walk in is Tuesdays & Thursdays 9-3 PM. please let me know your # and where you are located, i have wanted to purchase some wheat for food prep storage just in case. it will be good to learn more from the experts.
    thank you

  4. Gina


    Is there other Home Storage Centers in Pennsylvania or New Jersey where you can just walk in without being a LDS member? Can anyone just walk in or do they need to show they have a dire need for this food storage?


  5. Jeff Peterson

    Sirs we are non LDS members. Could you please provide us with the location of the nearest LDS cannery? We live in Paducah, KY. The zipcode is 42003.

    Please keep up this valuable mission.

    God Bless
    Jeff Peterson

  6. Are other canned foods available for purchase such as powdered milk, butter or cheeze! Thank you!

  7. Jason

    Are there any sites near Ottawa, Ontario where I can purchase pre-packaged foods, or alternatively do you ship to my location?

  8. Audrey

    Is there an LDS Food Distribution Center near St Louis?

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